12 Planners You Need to Buy Now to Get the Year Started Right

You’re probably figuring out how to kick off the year right. What better way to do that than to invest in an awesome personal planner that’ll inspire you not only to get your stuff done—but to get it done better. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. If You Want to Look Like the CEO

Design Love Planner, $65

What’s really great about this one in particular is that it’s elegantly designed for someone who has a lot to do, but who wants to look calm, cool, and collected, too.

Bonus: You can keep track of your budget and expenses and keep your receipts tucked away in the back pockets. Basically every future CEO should have one of these. Dress for the job you want, right?

2. If You Enjoy Simplistic Design

Today Is The Day Notepad, $10

If you don’t like carrying around a bulky notebook (or do the majority of your organizing from your desk), this calendar to-do list pad is perfect. It combines the organization of a planner with the simplicity of a notepad. Perfect for keeping your day straight.

3. If You Never Leave Your Computer

Keyboard Memopad Planner, $13

I don’t know about you, but most of my to-do list items come from my computer screen. If you want a physical reminder of what you have coming up, this weekly keyboard memopad is awesome.

Other plus: It’s super-cheap as far as planners go.

4. If You Want to Add an Extra Hour to Your Day

Planner Pad, $29

Planner Pad products aren’t just schedulers, they’re actually meant to help you organize your to-do list items for maximum productivity. You can create goals, track your improvement, and figure out what’s most important for you to work on each day.

All in all, it sounds like a productivity guru’s dream.

5. If You Don’t Want to Lug Around a Huge Planner

TwelveSkip Printable Planner, $5

Maybe you’re trying to be more environmentally friendly, or maybe you just don’t want to carry more than a month’s worth of to-do lists and notes. This printable planner allows you to download a sheet that you can use at your own leisure. That means you only print pages when you need them.

6. If You’re a Visual Person

Silk + Sonder Monthly Planner, $15/month

Introducing a planner that’s delivered to your doorstep every month. Each edition features new cover designs, inspiring articles, journaling prompts, and bullet journal-esque day planning. Just what you need to reach your full potential.

7. If You Like Classic Design

The Day Designer, $59

The Day Designer has had a cult-like following for more than seven years. Every year, devotees line up to purchase the new planner, and every year they sell out. With elegant styling and perfectly planned pages, you can design your day with class.

8. If You Want Something Fun and Interactive

Adam Kurtz’s Unsolicited Advice Planner, $15

Adam Kurtz is an artist and author who’s created a ton of different products, but this one takes the cake. In addition to the usual scheduling and to-do list components, this particular organizer also contains interactive pages, jokes, and other fun tidbits that’ll make getting your life in order way more fun.

9. If You Like to Go Big or Go Home

WiLaNo’s Wall Calendar, $19

Do you like to have your entire year laid out right in front of you? If so, this is a big and very colorful way to do so. Oh, and it probably won’t hurt your team’s productivity, you know, to display it where everyone can see it.

10. If You Have Big Vision

The Desire Map Planner, $44

If you have big vision and are ready to take action on it, this is the planner for you. Danielle Laporte's Desire Map planner is part self-development workbook part day planner, a killer combination for going after those career goals.

11. If You’re a Pop Culture Nerd

Moleskine Limited Edition Star Wars Planner, $25

May the force be with you when you’re using this awesome limited edition planner.

12. If You Want Something Pretty

Kate Spade Agenda, $30

Kate Spade topped my planner list last year, and I’m including it again because there’s a reason it continues to be the prom queen of organizers: It’s great. Another plus: It comes with gold foil stickers. Need I say more?

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