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Is it safe to take a daily aspirin

Is It Safe to Take a Daily Aspirin?

Anthony Komaroff, MD of Harvard Health explains that taking an aspirin might stop an impending heart attack. He says, if you notice the signs of a heart attack, chew a 325mg non-coated aspirin to help prevent the formation of a blood clot in your heart, and then seek medical attention immediately.

But as far as a daily aspirin goes, the potential pros of preventing blood clots are usually outweighed by the cons of various side effects (keep reading for a list of those)

2018 study of almost 20,000 healthy adults over the age of 65 found that not only did taking a daily aspirin not seem to have protective effects, but those who took aspirin actually had a slightly increased mortality rate compared to those who didn’t (5.9% vs. 5.2%).

Professor Stephen Evans, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said: “The small benefit on heart disease was outweighed by overall increases in other diseases and suggests that in healthy older people without heart disease there is no benefit to low-dose aspirin.”

Ask your doctor if taking a daily aspirin is a safe choice for you given your medical history and cardiovascular health before you start using it. 

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