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Massive traffic jam in pantha chowk after stone quarry workers stage protest

Thousands of vehicles were stranded on Kashmir highway near Pantha Chowk area of Srinagar on Tuesday after quarry holders blocked the road in protest against the government for banning stone quarrying activities in Athwajan and Pantha Chowk and demanded immediate revocation of the ban.

Massive traffic jam in Pantha Chowk after stone-quarry workers stage protest. KL Image: Special arrangement

The quarry holders under the banner of “United Quarry Association” were carrying the banners reading ‘ Revoke ban on stone quarrying activities and relieve us from the pain’.

The protesters raised slogans in favour of the justice and demanded the authorities to revoke the ban at the earliest.

An eyewitness said that road has blocked by protesting quarry holders led to a massive traffic jam.

He said that hundreds of vehicles including school buses were left stranded on the road and the passengers demanded the government officials to negotiate with the protestors.

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